After the wedding it all seems like dream!  Couples are usually exhausted with all the details of planning for their big day! It is easy (and understandably so) to want to relax after experiencing these big events. With all the organizing that goes into your actual wedding day, it can be easy to forget the important things that still need to be done AFTER the wedding as well. So here is a list to help you keep track of a few key items you will want to make sure you take care of once your wedding day has come and gone.

Change Your Name

No one says that one or either of you has to change their last name. But if one of you does choose to do so, make it a priority to complete the change across the board. Include these areas to update the name change: driver’s license, passport, insurance, email, post office, payroll, and bank.

Freeze Your cake

Toasting to your one-year anniversary with a slice of wedding cake requires a bit of pre-planning. Ask someone you trust to wrap up a piece or the top tier of your wedding cake and transport the cake back to your home because you do not want to miss out on this long standing tradition on your first anniversary!

Tip Vendors and Write Reviews

If you were happy with your vendors, let others know. The best way to accomplish is to send a personal review to the vendor or post online reviews. Other couples will appreciate your real feedback, and your vendors will love the potential to grow their business.

Have Your Dress Cleaned

Your gorgeous gown deserves love after you have taken it off. If you plan on preserving your dress for years to come, have it cleaned as soon as possible. Stains will set the longer you wait. You can call your bridal dress shop to get recommendations for companies that clean and preserve gowns. Some shops may have discounts on the service that you can purchase when you get your wedding dress. Point out the stains when you mail in your dress so the company can be sure to remove all of them. You can expect to pay $400 – $800+ for the cleaning and preservation process.

Make A Wedding Photo Album

This is one of those things that always gets pushed back. Not only do you have to wait for your wedding photos to come in, but then you have to figure out the best way to make your album once you do schedule a weekend date with your new spouse to choose your favorites and order your album. While you are at it, you can order smaller album version using the same album design for your parents + in-laws through your photographer or if you are creating it on your own through Shutter-fly or other sites. . This is an especially important thing to cross off your to-do list early on if your album was part of your photography package — you do not want to forget about something you already paid for!

Complete Your Wedding Registry

You often have several months after your wedding to take advantage of a registry’s post-wedding completion discount, which is typically around 20%. Now’s the time to purchase more expensive items and complete sets! This offer is usually only good for about 30 days after your wedding. Although, you will want to keep your wedding registry open for at least three months after your wedding for any of those late gift givers. Once that time is over you can safely close it out. So, stock up on those home essentials while the discount is still good!